Wednesday, 22 September 2010


My t-shirt designs have now gone online! Yeahhhhh! You can buy one HERE
You knows you wants to!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Inkygoodness Update 2

Dave Bain has made a video of the opening night of the Exhibition. See if you can count how many zooms there are?

oh! oh! oh! T-shits!

And I nearly forgot... my sample t-shits have arrived! I'm so happy! I wore one to the Bristol Kite festival (its a Dad thing) and saw Justin Lee Collins. He was eating a pie at the time so didn't say anything... but I could tell he liked it. Good Times! (I've a ttached a drawing of how that meeting might have turned out had he not been stuffing his face)
The official launch of the tee's is coming up soon. I'll be attaching a link when there is a website to link to.
I've just realised I should have ironed them a bit before taking the photos...

Inkygoodness Update

The Inkygoodness show on Brick lane has been well good so far. It had over a BILLION people turn up for the thursday night opening and is continuing to draw in loads of people, most of whom seem to like it. Woo-hoo. It carries on until 6pm this Sunday (12th sept). Some of me favourite bits were McBess's's's wall tattoo, the colourbox installation and having a hugsy with Stephen Chan, but everything was wicked! Get yerself down there.
Here are my 2 pieces in all their pointless glory!

Friday, 3 September 2010


I didded an illustration for Gemma Randall's bwilliant Outsmart Project where illustrators get to create a piece of artwork inspired by the dinky likkle Smart Car. I decided that Smart Cars would be perfectly suited to aiding and abbetting cake crime (although I do NOT advocate the stealing of cupcakes from anyone... even Evil Goblin Kings)